Friday, November 2, 2012

Beginning Again...Turkey Day Challenge

Time got away from me again and in the mean time I managed to regain 3 pounds and eat way too many cookies. I'm doing a new challenge and part of it suggests that we record our daily victories. I'm going to try to put something down on "paper" daily here since the once in a while posting schedule is clearly not working. I need structure. 

Yesterday: I did great all day, but it sort of fell apart at dinner. I met some friends for Vietnamese food, which was delicious, but I have no idea what the caloric count looked like. Probably not too awful, but there was some white rice involved. Afterwards there was a mocha latte and a piece of key lime pie. That was not so much on track. On the upside, nary a piece of Halloween candy touched my lips -- that feels like a big deal. Today will be better, for sure!

This morning so far: Oatmeal with dried apples, a low fat mozzerella cheese stick, and I've been nibbling on grapes off and on. For lunch there is soup and salad. Dinner will be something light, not sure what exactly yet. I'm going to stay on plan today. Promise. 

Miss you all!



  1. Hoooooooolly.... where you been?!?!? I am glad to see that you are back.

  2. Marisol! I'm so glad to see you in cyber land! :) Your smiling face means a lot.