Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holy Sodium, Batman!

I walked campus at lunch today. 1 mile round trip. 
Yesterday I woke up and my ankles looked like little sausages stuffed in my socks. As I mentioned previously, I spent Memorial Day vending at an outdoor show. I packed a lunch box, but I didn't pack enough protein so I had to go scavenging and the only meat that was available and not a zillion dollars was hot dogs. I had two sans the buns. Then that night (because I am clearly an idiot) I got Chinese, also famous for its high sodium content. Remember when I said the heat killed my appetite? Yeah, I made a liar out of myself in less than 24 hours. I started in on my lunchbox, which was supposed to last all day, and had polished off the contents in a few hours. I'm not sure if it was real hunger or boredom. Probably a combination of both.

In my lunch box:
red pepper strips
celery sticks
peanut butter
sugar-free pudding
beef stick

It was all "good for me" stuff in general, but it was too much too fast add the crap filled hot dogs. The Chinese food was brown rice, garlic sauce, and tons of veggies. I also indulged and had a few crab rangoon which I shared with my pooch, Mackie the Wonder Dog. I ate the middle part with the cream cheese and he ate the crispy part. It turned out to be a terrible idea to indulge twice in one day, almost immediately I felt like crap and was overwhelmingly fatigued. Wontons have wheat. Duh. Add to that a busy weekend and I was falling asleep on my laptop.

After Monday's sodium-fest I knew I would need to slam water to try and flush it out of my system. My poor ankles were so pudgy and my hands were super stiff. Chinese or hot dogs is enough to mess with my stem, both in one day was just plain goofy. It seems to be working, yesterday was a much better food day which included a giant salad at lunch and lots of water throughout the day. My hands don't look like sausages anymore. Wahoo! My salad had lots of kale in it which was a new adventure. I have seen kale as a garnish and tried kale chips once (not impressed) but I really like it in salad. Super yum! I got this salad at the school cafeteria, but I have kale growing in my community garden and I'm definitely going to make salads at home with it, too.

Anyone have any good suggestions for meat on the go besides beef jerky (which I love in an unholy way)? Yesterday I bought some lunch containers that have little ice packs that fit inside them to keep stuff cold and I'm hoping this means that I can bring some "refrigerated" stuff on my hiking trip this weekend. Before the trip to Target I popped into a local running shop to pick up some more Smartwool socks, which I am totally in love with. I felt so bashful going in there, like the "real" athletes were going to kick me out for being a wannabe. Of course, that didn't happen at all. They were not only super nice, but very helpful. I got some body glide also, which hopefully will help prevent chaffing. Chaffing is no bueno.

I'm getting SUPER excited about my trip this weekend, it's pretty much all I'm thinking about now. That and a cruiser bicycle. Target has a cute one for a hundredish bucks and I so wish I could afford to buy it right now. Hopefully soon. In the mean time, I have my beat up mountain bike that just needs air in its tires. I also need to buy a helmet for my big noggin. I think I'm going to get fitted when I go to REI on Friday to pick up my rentals. I don't have the slightest idea how to know if one is fitted properly and since my melon houses my brain, I should probably make sure it's reasonably safe.

WEIGH IN: I weighed in yesterday and I am down about 1.5 since last week. YAY! Honestly, I was hoping for more since I've been working out a lot, but I'm choosing to believe that I'm building muscle and that's why my loss isn't bigger.

Exercise recap for the past few days:
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6 miles/Katy Trail
Sunday - 1.5 miles in the neighborhood
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 1.0 miles walking at lunch, 4.5 miles on the bicycle at they gym doing the hills program, 1.0 miles on the elliptical

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Neighborhood Adventures and TMI

This morning I met my friend Amber for breakfast at a local diner and had eggs, turkey sausage, and fresh fruit. Yum! Coupled with great conversation it was a really nice way to start the day. She had asked me to go walking with her, but I was afraid with all the hiking the previous day I might be overdoing it. So after breakfast we parted ways, she went to walk the neighborhood and I hit Target. Why does a trip to Target never cost less than $100? Seriously. Especially now that they have a grocery store. I got a new sports bra since I can't find the one I have that actually fits and a moisture wicking shirt for next weekend that I'm going to return. I guess trying things on is a good idea. Unless I'm entering a wet t-shirt contest this shirt is simply too tight in the chest and the arm holes are oddly large.

Anyway, after strolling around Target for a while I popped by another friend's house and we chatted for a few. She's a hard core runner, fitness instructor, and fellow sugar addict. I was picking her brain for tips on how to prevent things like (TMI ALERT) the rug burn-ish wound that's currently on my right ass cheek. Apparently when I was hiking my chonies went askew and rubbed a raw spot. BOO! So now I feel like someone sanded my ass. Literally. She recommended body glide for the thigh touching/rubbing issues, but she didn't have a solution for the panties in a bunch problem. It seems that running shorts have built in bloomers. I wish hiking shorts did. Anybody have a suggestion for a hiker with a sore bum? She also schooled me on "active recovery". As I mentioned previously, I was afraid to do too much today, but she explained that I can do a slowed down, shorter version to keep my muscles loose so I don't get stiff. After her suggestion and my envy of Amber's stroll around town I decided to take a spin 'round the neighborhood myself.

At about 3 o'clock in the blazing sun and 100 degree heat purchasing hummus became a full-on emergency. I decided to walk instead of drive. I don't know what the deal is lately, but I have wanted hummus like its chocolate cake. Oddly, I have not been so interested in cupcakes. I digress. I was wanting to look at least half way presentable since I always seem to run into someone I know at the grocery store, so I put on some slip-on canvas shoes with my knit skirt and t-shirt. This proved to be a huge mistake on multiple fronts. At first everything was okay. I set off on my journey, happy to be outside in the shining sun. Walking outside on a hot day reminds me of being a kid in Florida. I spent every summer at my dad's house in Fort Lauderdale and I walked everywhere or rode my bike. The only thinking missing from this walk was the scent of salty air. I actually like the feeling of being hot. Weird? I know. To get to the grocery store from my house I have to go around a huge complex that houses the state mental hospital (affectionately referred to as the nut hut), a YMCA, and a school. The picture below is me passing the mental hospital. Anyway, it's smack dab in the middle of the city and it's the biggest and fanciest building in the area. I love it when I have out of town visitors and they say, "oooh, what's that building?" and I get to say, "that's the state mental hospital" and then their eyes bug out. No worries, the really crazy ones are behind several locked doors and the remainder are far more dangerous to themselves. Hence why I have no concerns about living two blocks away or walking by. There's an elementary school on the grounds for goodness sake, it's totally safe. Besides, if I crack up and need some fixin' and my shrink is busy, I don't even need to call a cab -- I can just pack a bag and walk over. It's really the ultimate in convenience! :)

This stretch of the walk was pretty hot, there's only a couple trees on the path and I it didn't take long for my chubby little thighs to start sweating. Trouble. Rubbing + Sweating = Chaffed = OUCH! In addition to my injured bum, I now had searing chapped inner thighs. Awesome. This did sort of put a damper on things. I tried really hard to pretend like I didn't notice and not walk all crazy, but I'm not entirely certain I was successful.

Fortunately, I had grabbed a couple extra bucks and put it with my hummus cash, so I figured I could at least grab some baby powder to ease my pain for the walk home. The store was a success, hummus and powder were purchased and after a quick trip to the potty for powdery application I set off for my trek home. In addition to going to the store I planned to stop and water my garden at the neighborhood community garden.

St. Louis City can we do something about these sidewalks, please?

About half way there my baby powder wore off, the sweaty chaffed thigh burn returned and I started to notice a hot spot on my left foot. Uh oh, blister city, baby. Basically, the moral of the story here is...If it's 100 degrees outside and you decide to take a 1.5 mile stroll, screw being cute and go for athletic shoes, wear socks, and some sort of thigh separating pants or shorts. Trust me, you'll thank me. 

When I wasn't thinking about my burning thighs or the hot spot on my foot I did really enjoy getting a much slower and up-close view of my neighborhood. There are so many things you'll never see from the vantage point of a car that you notice when you're on foot. I love my neighborhood and all the colorful characters make it a really fun place to take a walk and people watch. I also really like looking at all the different ways that people landscape their yards and I love to look at all the little personalizations that people do to their yards. There's one house near me that has a giant statue of a guy pulling a donkey and the donkey only has one ear. It's awful, really, but I love it. Statuary is really popular in my area, but it's mostly religious icons (there are a lot of Irish/Italian Catholics) so it's refreshing to see a departure from the standard Mary and St. Francis fare. 

Yep, it's sideways. In spite of my best efforts it will not flip itself the right way.
Tilt your head to the right to view my weedy garden!

I did finally arrive at the garden and gave everything a spritz. I even drank from the hose. I haven't done that in forever, I forgot that hose water has a little bit of a funny taste. It was fun though and make me feel like a kid. :) 

The garden is really close to my house so I just had a short stroll home and when nobody was looking I reapplied the powder all stealthy and ninja-like between two raised beds, so I was good to go! 

The big purchases.

When I got home I unpacked my bag and THREW DOWN on some red pepper strips and hummus. OMG, so good. (What's your favorite brand?) Then I threatened bodily harm to anyone who dared touch my beloved hummus without permission. (My last batch mysteriously was half-eaten before I got the first bite). The accused (em-oh-em, who lives with me) claims to know nothing about the hummus incident, but I learned long ago never to trust that feisty old lady with baked goods or savory snacks. My love of carbs and sugar fell right off that feisty tree. Fortunately for her, she has never had a weight problem, so she gets to eat 'em up with impunity. Lucky duck! 

The rest of my evening will be spent prepping for tomorrow's craft show. It's a biggin'. There's supposed to be about 20,000 people coming through and I have to be there at 5:30 a.m. to get set up. Have I mentioned I'm not big on early mornings? Tomorrow's mission will be to avoid sunburn, sell tons of crafts, and stay hydrated. I'm taking the day off and resting for real tomorrow. I think I'll be way too zapped from a day in the heat to hit the gym, too. 

Today's food was sort of haphazard. Nothing really noteworthy, but probably not enough. I'm finding I don't have much of an appetite in the heat and it's a challenge to remember to eat regularly. As a matter of fact, I forgot to eat lunch today. Whoops. Well, unless you count pepper strips and hummus, then I'm good. Weekends are proving to be much more challenging than during the week since I don't have a regular schedule. Must work on that. 

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and are planning to enjoy the holiday tomorrow! Stay cool and have fun!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Super Saturday and 12,444 Steps

Early this morning I headed out for my practice hike in prep for next week's overnight hike. I wanted to make sure that I could hack it in the heat. Oh baby, it was hot! 90 degrees by 9 a.m. when I arrived. I had planned to hike the Lost Valley trail, but somehow I missed the marker and ended up doing the Katy Trail instead. It was mercifully shaded nearly the whole 6 miles. 

Since I had to improvise my route, I used the GPS on my phone to figure out how far to go. The first 1/2 mile pretty much sucked and I was really wondering if I had lost my damned mind. Then I remembered what someone said to me recently that it's all a mind game and I started doing my own version of I think I can and started focusing on the scenery and saying to myself that my mind is leading and the feet will follow. Suddenly, it got a little easier. Then I started picking markers in the distance to aim for. At 3 miles I stopped to take a water/snack break and holy crap the sweat unleashed itself. 
I know it's hard to tell, but I was actually feeling pretty happy in this photo albeit super sweaty and gross.
After about 20 minutes I got myself up and I headed back. Things went well until about the last .3 miles. For a brief minute I felt really overheated (it was up to 100 degrees by then) and I thought I might get sick. Remembering to pay attention to my body's cues I stopped and drank some more water. For the last bit of the hike I munched on an apple and took things really slowly. It was awesome to see the parking lot. VICTORY!!! I did it! 6 miles or 12,444 steps. Almost 1,000 calories burned! 
I would have done an Irish jig in celebration but my calves were burning. Maybe I'll jig tomorrow! 
Afterwards, I went to Andrea's to record episode 2 of our crafty podcast. I'll have more details on that soon. :) After a quick trip to the farmer's market I went to REI and did some window shopping and rented gear for next weekend. Betsy, the best REI clerk ever, fitted me for a backpack and a trekking poles. The whole thing took a couple hours but I think will be well worth it when I'm out next weekend. 

Sooo tired...more tomorrow

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jigglypuff and Hiking

This sure has been a crazy week. I'm really realizing that I need to spend more time prepping for the next day the night before or maybe cook ahead on the weekend. I'm doing better than before, for sure, but I'm still struggling with lack-of-preparedness moments now and again. Yesterday morning was one of these times. I did the tv spot I told you about the other day and I had to be dressed, groomed, and ready to go live on the air at 9:30. (Click here if you want to watch). I know this sounds like it shouldn't be that tough, but I'm not much of a morning person and having to look presentable, navigate downtown and its complete lack of parking early in the day feels impossible. Especially the looking presentable part. I'm generally a pony tail and tinted moisturzier girl. If I'm feeling really fancy, I put on mascara and lip gloss. I digress. Anyway, my coffee pot died the day before, so I was having a SERIOUS crisis and had to get coffee on the way downtown, too and not spill it on the front of my shirt. Among this laundry list of first world problems I didn't make breakfast and all the stuff on the menu at my beloved Starbucks is complete sugary wheat-laden crap. So I went without, which I'm not a fan of at all. I'm a hungry girl dammit! I did have a super yummy lunch after. There was a big salad with lots of veggies and skinless grilled chicken breast. I also got a side of this yummy quinoa that had onion, tomato, and asparagus in it.

After lunch I was able to watch the video from the tv spot and then I felt all jigglypuff as in jiggly and puffy. All I could see was this little guy.

I was really beating myself up and feeling very critical of my appearance over all at first. Then a friend of mine said, "Stop being mean to yourself!" Oh yeah! I needed someone to stop me cold in my tracks. When I stopped to really think about it, I realized I did actually complete the task, I didn't cuss (this is very hard), I didn't barf, and I did exactly what I planned to do. So maybe I'm not where I want to be right now appearance-wise (are you sensing my lack of patience) but I'm working on it and that's a victory. Also, I didn't eat at my discomfort. I felt a brief moment of insecurity, talked to a friend, and felt better. Teeny V! Those negative thoughts tried to creep back in off and on all day and evening yesterday, but I did my best not to give them too much attention and my uber sweet friends had lots of nice things to say about the tv appearance, which is always so nice to hear. I'm really lucky to have awesome supportive friends.

Speaking of support, I've been talking to my fitness and healthy-focused friends and I'm really grateful for all the extra support they have offered up! I have one friend who is going to take a look at my bike and a couple others who have offered to jog with me when I'm ready. Awesomesauce!

Last night, I worked out at the gym and mixed things up a little. I get bored easily. I did about 25 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0 mph and varied the incline/decline, then when I did the elliptical, I did one mile forwards and a half mile backwards. It was much less boring with the little variances and I watched a funny comedy special which made the time fly. I feel like I can walk forever when I'm in the woods, but in the gym after about 10 minutes my mind starts to scream for stimulation and distraction.

I also signed up for what will be my very first overnight backpacking trip. It's an all-girls 10 mile trip. 6 or 7 miles on day one, then the remainder on day two. I'm super excited and frankly a bit scared. I'm doing a practice hike for about 7 miles tomorrow on my own to make sure that I can handle it. I'm looking forward to spending the time in nature and in the quiet. Ahhh. Since I get to set my own pace, I'm going to bring my camera also.

In preparation for my trip, yesterday I picked up a new pair of Smartwool socks that are supposed to help prevent blisters and today I'm going to get new insoles for my boots. Last year I found out the hard way what ill-fitting shoes and socks can do. I bruised both my big toes so badly I lost the nails on both and they are still not totally grown back, ugh. Tonight I'm going to raid my camping gear and do an inventory to see what I need for next weekend. Have I mentioned I'm excited?

In other exciting news, I harvested my first peas yesterday from my community garden plot. I love summer!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday & Wednesday Round Up

The last couple days have been extra crazy. I had a training class on Access database at an extension campus about a half an hour from my house (double my normal drive time), the chickens woke me up at 6:00 a.m. (an hour early) and my class was so boring or I was so tired I kept falling asleep! On the upside, since I was up at the literal crack of dawn, I had tons of time to pack a good lunch and I even ate breakfast sitting at a table vs. in my car or at my desk. Teeny Victory #2! For lunch yesterday, I had a roast beef lettuce wrap, homemade garlic hummus and red pepper strips plus a sugar-free pudding cup. Mmmm, pudding.
Today's lunch was not as good, not enough "stuff", but for a bonus, I got to hang out with a friend I've known since I was 14 (24 years!) and her two beautiful kids. I got to nibble on baby toes and he kept sticking his adorable little feet in my face so I would do it again and again. :)

Dinner last night was eggplant pizza. It's all the normal toppings you like, but instead of crust it's sliced eggplant. Super easy and much healthier. All you have to do is brush the slices with olive oil, put them in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes on a cookie sheet, flip, put your toppings on then bake for 10 more minutes or until the cheese is browned and bubbly. We had a little bit of tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, tiny pepperoni, and a sprinkle of low-fat cheese. So dang good.

After dinner I hit the gym in my sparkly new tennis shoes. A while back I went to the New Balance store and got my feet measured. To my surprise, I learned I was wearing my shoes a size to small. Whoopsie. So these are the correct size, 11 wide (yes, really), and are so much more comfy! 

They are so bright white though, I feel a little dorky, but at least my feet don't hurt. I wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic about working out yesterday, but I did it anyway (VICTORY!). I did 3 miles on the bicycle and 1 mile on the treadmill. I broke a sweat, so mission accomplished! I did do one thing that I totally regret -- I weighed myself on the scale at the gym, which says I'm 20 pounds heavier than my scale at home. Now granted it was the end of the day, I was in shoes, and all my clothes, but still... It got my head reeling and I had to fight off the negative internal chatter all day today as a result -- all those icky thoughts that there's no point, you're going to fail anyway, blah, blah, blah. Oh and I obsessively weighed myself when I got home last night sans all the extra clothes and again this morning to see if it matched. My scale still shows I'm down about 20 pounds from where I started. I guess that's all that really matters and I know better to switch scales. Not to mention, I'm making significant changes for the better and that's what is most important, not the number. Anyway, as a result, I decided that I'm only going to weigh myself once a week on Mondays. I'll report the good, the bad, and the ugly here. Hopefully mostly I'll be reporting losses! 

This afternoon I got super hungry after lunch because I packed way too light, lack of preparation got me this time. So after training I made a mad dash for some quick protein. I was headed out to see some friends, so I stopped at Lion's Choice and got the meat only from a regular roast beef sandwich and veggie sticks. They gave me the meat in a cup, which was weird and went down super fast -- without bread it was only a five or six bites! I really, really, really wanted fries, badly. I knew it would only make me feel bad, so I reminded myself that eating good makes me feel good. That felt like a huge victory. I love potatoes and I especially love fried potatoes. A friend of mine who has struggled and lost significant weight said to me about those kinds of foods that she's "not going to pop her cherry on just any old thing" which cracked me up and totally hammered home the idea that if I'm going to veer off the path, I'm not wasting calories on fast food fries. They aren't THAT good. I'm going to save "it" for something really fantastic.  

Tonight was really fun, I got to hang out with my bestie, and some fellow crafty folks in the work area of a shop that's an artist's collective. I worked on some stuff for a show I'm doing this weekend. There was much giggling and chatting, it was nice to kick back and relax after a grueling couple of days in training. Dinner tonight was veggies and beef from the stir fry place at the mall. The menu says it was a "healthy" option, but who really knows with those places, it was the best option available though and I was able to say no thanks to the white and fried rice (YAY!). I did feel a moment of embarrassment though when I was ordering, I'm allergic to broccoli and I had to ask for that to be omitted, and the worker seemed very confused when I didn't want rice. Actually, I felt a little funny at Lion's Choice earlier today, too.  I felt very high maintenance because of all my extra requests. I realize that this is silly, I am being nice about it, and it's not like I'm making absurd requests. Not to mention I am paying for it. I suppose there's some part of me that feels a little uncomfortable about anything related to weight or food that puts me in the spotlight. Hopefully, this will get easier to navigate over time, I'm looking out for my health, being bashful about it is just silly. Practice, I suppose, will make it easier. 

Tomorrow I'm doing a little demo thing on a local tv show. I'm wishing I was feeling a little more confident right now, but I know it will be fine. I've done this same sort of thing before and even though I dread seeing myself on camera, people always seem to think I do okay and are able to follow along, that's the more important thing since it's supposed to be educational. I should probably get some sleep though so I don't fall asleep mid sentence!

Nite y'all! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Started!

It's been about a month since I started dieting and working hard at getting healthy and I have realized a few things. First and foremost that I need accountability, hence this blog. Obviously, there's lots more to do than just scribble down my thoughts, but I figured it might help me (and maybe someone else) if I write about some of my struggles and hopefully the more bountiful teeny victories.

One thing that has been big on my mind is how I talk to myself. Often I will just let the internal dialogue roll, which frankly, can be pretty negative. Lately, I've been really focused on talking to myself in a more productive, intentional way, add a healthy dose of silly. Sometimes, my job requires that I prepare food trays for meetings or events and today was one of those days. I not only needed to go purchase cookies, but I needed to arrange them on a platter and make them pretty. The challenge of course is not to gobble them like the Cookie Monster in the process. So...I told myself that they taste like poop. Now, I know they don't actually taste like poop, but envisioning my coworkers eating poop cookies was just funny enough to distract me and keep my hand out of the cookie jar, so to speak. A teeny victory! Yay! Queue the balloons and confetti! Over the top, yes...but I didn't eat the cookies. :)

A while back, I did a goal setting program that I found online, Tiny Habits with BJ Fogg. In his online program he talks about how to develop and create sustaining habits by committing to doing tiny habits first (floss one tooth or do two push-ups) and then internally celebrating each task completed like it was a victory. The idea is that eventually those tiny things will build and before you know you'll be flossing all your teeth or doing a whole set of push-ups without even thinking about it. The idea of having an internal victory party for even small things sounds silly and childish, but it really helps! For too long my head has been a landmine of negative self-defeating thoughts, it's high time I put some party in there. In the end, I hope that all these teeny victories will lead me where I want to go -- the land of the physically fit and healthy. The land of sane eating. This blog will chronicle my adventures, the creation of new habits, my challenges, and the teeny victories along the way.

What I'm doing:
I am loosely following the South Beach plan, phase II. I had to make a few modifications because I believe that I'm wheat-sensitive and am not eating any wheat products. I also have thyroid problems so I do not eat soy products because they reduce thyroid function. The only really significant difference is that I eat more nuts than the recommended 1 serving/day, usually I eat 2 servings and obviously, no bread, etc.

I'm exercising. I just rejoined my neighborhood gym and am walking solo and with friends. I have a few hikes planned also.

I'm drinking as much water as I can stand. I've never been a person who liked to drink anything but coffee, really, so this one is a big deal for me.

My goals:

Lose about 100 lbs. (So far I've lost about 20)
Jog/walk a 5k by the end of the summer.
Eat mostly whole unprocessed foods using as much as I can from my garden.
Get down to a size 14, maybe a 12.
Stop buying clothes is the women's/plus section

Fitness bucket list:
Go to the rock climbing gym
Complete a 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon
Zip line tour (this is a double-dog-dare since I'm afraid of heights!)
Learn to jog
Jog a 5k
Ski (I haven't been skiing since I was a kid)
Ice skake/Roller skate (The last time I tried, it hurt my ankles and I was too out of shape)
Repel into a cave (see above statement about fear of heights)
Ride a bike on the Katy Trail

I met with my shrink today to talk about life in general, but we took a few minutes to chat about my weight loss and fitness efforts also. She seems to think I'm on track and reminded me to be careful of all or nothing thinking should I slip up along the way. One bad meal or one bad food choice does not mean all of my efforts are wasted. This was a good reminder to keep in my back pocket. Lately, things have been pretty smooth, but I've dieted before, I know there will be struggles from time to time.

What I ate today:

Breakfast - two egg "muffins", coffee, V8
Morning Snack - apple with almond butter
Lunch - roast beef in a lettuce wrap, hummus, red pepper strips, strawberries and blueberries
Afternoon Snack - a few almonds and a V8
Dinner - burger no bun with mushrooms and swiss, sweet potato fries

 I went out to dinner with some friends to play drag queen bingo, which was super fun. :) The fries I had wiht my burger are the first fried food I've eaten in almost a month! They were really good and totally satisfied my potato itch without making me feel terrible like regular white potatoes do.

I'm starting to yawn, it's time for this girl to get some shut eye. More tomorrow!