Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Mash Up

Yesterday, we had a birthday dinner, one day early because I have plans with my bestie tonight. My baby girl cooked me a delicious feast and bought me flowers! She also made this lovely banner which points out the glaring fact that I am THIRTY-NINE! Holy crap. Time sure does fly.

Every year on my birthday my brother tries to convince me that I'm actually older than him. Not! 

Side note: I ate a begonia yesterday. Okay, actually I think it's some stuff called purslane, but I really thought it was a begonia at first. I found the mystery item at the bottom of my bowl amongst the spring mix part of my salad. I'm not sure if it was in the mix on purpose or not. It's edible and actually pretty good for you. Didn't taste bad either. Maybe they are trying to get fancy in the cafeteria these days. 

Today, I ate this! It was a birthday bash with a chocolate malt and a reuben sandwich at my favorite diner. My boss and one of my coworkers took me to lunch today. Super awesome!(Also, super bloaty, owwww) 

Once the birthday bash is over, I plan to eat a lot more of these lovely vegetables harvested from my garden. This last week or so I have been living on a steady diet of froyo and popsicles while I've been sick. At least that's been my excuse. Time to snap back into action. I did take a nice little walk at lunch yesterday and it felt good. Since I've been laying down and spending tons of time in bed, I've got all sorts of funny aches and pains and stiffness.  Back to the gym tomorrow, I think I'm ready. All the dizziness and weakness has gone now (I think). 

Tonight was a lovely evening spent with A. We met at a lakeside restaurant and sat outside in the unseasonably lovely night air. It was so nice to be outside, relaxing and not fretting about anything. Bestie time is healing. I feel good for the first time in days and it was an awesome way to wrap up my birthday festivities! 

I hope you all had a lovely day, too! 

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