Friday, May 25, 2012

Jigglypuff and Hiking

This sure has been a crazy week. I'm really realizing that I need to spend more time prepping for the next day the night before or maybe cook ahead on the weekend. I'm doing better than before, for sure, but I'm still struggling with lack-of-preparedness moments now and again. Yesterday morning was one of these times. I did the tv spot I told you about the other day and I had to be dressed, groomed, and ready to go live on the air at 9:30. (Click here if you want to watch). I know this sounds like it shouldn't be that tough, but I'm not much of a morning person and having to look presentable, navigate downtown and its complete lack of parking early in the day feels impossible. Especially the looking presentable part. I'm generally a pony tail and tinted moisturzier girl. If I'm feeling really fancy, I put on mascara and lip gloss. I digress. Anyway, my coffee pot died the day before, so I was having a SERIOUS crisis and had to get coffee on the way downtown, too and not spill it on the front of my shirt. Among this laundry list of first world problems I didn't make breakfast and all the stuff on the menu at my beloved Starbucks is complete sugary wheat-laden crap. So I went without, which I'm not a fan of at all. I'm a hungry girl dammit! I did have a super yummy lunch after. There was a big salad with lots of veggies and skinless grilled chicken breast. I also got a side of this yummy quinoa that had onion, tomato, and asparagus in it.

After lunch I was able to watch the video from the tv spot and then I felt all jigglypuff as in jiggly and puffy. All I could see was this little guy.

I was really beating myself up and feeling very critical of my appearance over all at first. Then a friend of mine said, "Stop being mean to yourself!" Oh yeah! I needed someone to stop me cold in my tracks. When I stopped to really think about it, I realized I did actually complete the task, I didn't cuss (this is very hard), I didn't barf, and I did exactly what I planned to do. So maybe I'm not where I want to be right now appearance-wise (are you sensing my lack of patience) but I'm working on it and that's a victory. Also, I didn't eat at my discomfort. I felt a brief moment of insecurity, talked to a friend, and felt better. Teeny V! Those negative thoughts tried to creep back in off and on all day and evening yesterday, but I did my best not to give them too much attention and my uber sweet friends had lots of nice things to say about the tv appearance, which is always so nice to hear. I'm really lucky to have awesome supportive friends.

Speaking of support, I've been talking to my fitness and healthy-focused friends and I'm really grateful for all the extra support they have offered up! I have one friend who is going to take a look at my bike and a couple others who have offered to jog with me when I'm ready. Awesomesauce!

Last night, I worked out at the gym and mixed things up a little. I get bored easily. I did about 25 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0 mph and varied the incline/decline, then when I did the elliptical, I did one mile forwards and a half mile backwards. It was much less boring with the little variances and I watched a funny comedy special which made the time fly. I feel like I can walk forever when I'm in the woods, but in the gym after about 10 minutes my mind starts to scream for stimulation and distraction.

I also signed up for what will be my very first overnight backpacking trip. It's an all-girls 10 mile trip. 6 or 7 miles on day one, then the remainder on day two. I'm super excited and frankly a bit scared. I'm doing a practice hike for about 7 miles tomorrow on my own to make sure that I can handle it. I'm looking forward to spending the time in nature and in the quiet. Ahhh. Since I get to set my own pace, I'm going to bring my camera also.

In preparation for my trip, yesterday I picked up a new pair of Smartwool socks that are supposed to help prevent blisters and today I'm going to get new insoles for my boots. Last year I found out the hard way what ill-fitting shoes and socks can do. I bruised both my big toes so badly I lost the nails on both and they are still not totally grown back, ugh. Tonight I'm going to raid my camping gear and do an inventory to see what I need for next weekend. Have I mentioned I'm excited?

In other exciting news, I harvested my first peas yesterday from my community garden plot. I love summer!

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