Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holy Sodium, Batman!

I walked campus at lunch today. 1 mile round trip. 
Yesterday I woke up and my ankles looked like little sausages stuffed in my socks. As I mentioned previously, I spent Memorial Day vending at an outdoor show. I packed a lunch box, but I didn't pack enough protein so I had to go scavenging and the only meat that was available and not a zillion dollars was hot dogs. I had two sans the buns. Then that night (because I am clearly an idiot) I got Chinese, also famous for its high sodium content. Remember when I said the heat killed my appetite? Yeah, I made a liar out of myself in less than 24 hours. I started in on my lunchbox, which was supposed to last all day, and had polished off the contents in a few hours. I'm not sure if it was real hunger or boredom. Probably a combination of both.

In my lunch box:
red pepper strips
celery sticks
peanut butter
sugar-free pudding
beef stick

It was all "good for me" stuff in general, but it was too much too fast add the crap filled hot dogs. The Chinese food was brown rice, garlic sauce, and tons of veggies. I also indulged and had a few crab rangoon which I shared with my pooch, Mackie the Wonder Dog. I ate the middle part with the cream cheese and he ate the crispy part. It turned out to be a terrible idea to indulge twice in one day, almost immediately I felt like crap and was overwhelmingly fatigued. Wontons have wheat. Duh. Add to that a busy weekend and I was falling asleep on my laptop.

After Monday's sodium-fest I knew I would need to slam water to try and flush it out of my system. My poor ankles were so pudgy and my hands were super stiff. Chinese or hot dogs is enough to mess with my stem, both in one day was just plain goofy. It seems to be working, yesterday was a much better food day which included a giant salad at lunch and lots of water throughout the day. My hands don't look like sausages anymore. Wahoo! My salad had lots of kale in it which was a new adventure. I have seen kale as a garnish and tried kale chips once (not impressed) but I really like it in salad. Super yum! I got this salad at the school cafeteria, but I have kale growing in my community garden and I'm definitely going to make salads at home with it, too.

Anyone have any good suggestions for meat on the go besides beef jerky (which I love in an unholy way)? Yesterday I bought some lunch containers that have little ice packs that fit inside them to keep stuff cold and I'm hoping this means that I can bring some "refrigerated" stuff on my hiking trip this weekend. Before the trip to Target I popped into a local running shop to pick up some more Smartwool socks, which I am totally in love with. I felt so bashful going in there, like the "real" athletes were going to kick me out for being a wannabe. Of course, that didn't happen at all. They were not only super nice, but very helpful. I got some body glide also, which hopefully will help prevent chaffing. Chaffing is no bueno.

I'm getting SUPER excited about my trip this weekend, it's pretty much all I'm thinking about now. That and a cruiser bicycle. Target has a cute one for a hundredish bucks and I so wish I could afford to buy it right now. Hopefully soon. In the mean time, I have my beat up mountain bike that just needs air in its tires. I also need to buy a helmet for my big noggin. I think I'm going to get fitted when I go to REI on Friday to pick up my rentals. I don't have the slightest idea how to know if one is fitted properly and since my melon houses my brain, I should probably make sure it's reasonably safe.

WEIGH IN: I weighed in yesterday and I am down about 1.5 since last week. YAY! Honestly, I was hoping for more since I've been working out a lot, but I'm choosing to believe that I'm building muscle and that's why my loss isn't bigger.

Exercise recap for the past few days:
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6 miles/Katy Trail
Sunday - 1.5 miles in the neighborhood
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 1.0 miles walking at lunch, 4.5 miles on the bicycle at they gym doing the hills program, 1.0 miles on the elliptical


  1. Congrats on the loss. Don't be afraid to walk into a running store. They are there to help you.